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Lydia Mulherin

Lydia is a co-founder of TripleC. She manages all the company’s day-to-day finances including paying invoices, book-keeping, grant management, and budgeting, as well as facilitating TripleC’s in-person events. Since Co-Founding TripleC Lydia has helped create and develop projects for Seashell Trust, The Lancasterian and Z-Arts. She has also been part of creating and developing the company’s community strands including DANC (Disabled Artist Networking Community) and The Manchester Mental Health Choir Bee Vocal. Lydia was also part of the original team that delivered the Access, Approaches and Action training course for TripleC.

Prior to TripleC Lydia opened and ran a training academy for several years for The Gioma Group Company. She led and developed the train to train course for Gaucho Grills as  head of the training team and assisted in the opening of several of their restaurants. Her role within these companies involved the day-to-day running of the training schools, organising trainers and staff, attendee development, and teaching the classes. Lydia’s teaching role within these companies involved her adapting programming and scheduling to make them as accessible as they could possibly be. As well as her work in training and development Lydia has also worked as a support worker and as  the accounts marketing manager for a leading transport company. Lydia is currently designing and developing her own customised face masks that will be available in local artisan markets and online.