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Referring to ‘raw footage’. They are prepared at the end of each day of shooting for quick review by the director, editors, and other film crew. Also known as ‘Daily Rushes’ and ’dailies’.

WAGs Writers’ Room

BBC Writers' Access Group

Spec Scripts:

An original script that has been written but is not yet commissioned, but the screenwriter hopes that it will get purchased by a producer, production company or studio.


The act of presenting (verbally or in written form) your script to someone to persuade them to commission or produce it


An outline is a scene-by-scene breakdown of the entire story of your screenplay. It can be a simple breakdown of story elements, or it can go on to include things like actions and even dialogue.

Development Producer

Someone who finds stories and scripts and helps get them in good enough shape to be commissioned.

General meetings

The first meet and greet that development executives and producers hold with screenwriters.


The first assembly, or assembly cut, is the editor’s first cut of the entire episode. The editor puts together all of the usable footage and organises it into a chronological order that matches with the episodes script.

Picture lock

when the edit put together has been agreed on and it doesn’t change again apart from adding special effects.


Order of how the actors are credited.

Additional Dialogue Recording (ADR)

When dialogue is recorded separately to be added to scenes. Also known as Automated Dialogue Replacement.

Fine cut

The fine cut looks at the details of each and every cut. The fine cut strengthens the rhythms and structures found in the first cut.


A runner is considered as a general assistant for the producer and the other production staff.

Shooting schedule

A shooting schedule is the plan of what scenes will be filmed on what days and in which order.

Rushes runner

Working as a rushers runner may mean that you’re neither on set or in post-production but instead your role is helping as the link between the two.

Tech recce

This is a pre-filming visit to a location to determine its suitability for shooting.

Production Coordinator

They start during pre production and role includes setting up the production office, organising equipment, supplies and staff. As well as coordinating travel, accommodation, work permits for cast and crew and distributing shooting schedules.

Production Executive

Their role is to run the production management and manage line producers and production managers.