We’re pleased to announce that one of our founders features in the 2022 New Years Honours

“I am honoured and humbled by my MBE. Equality and inclusion is something that’s been very dear to me throughout my career so far. It is so important that we are represented in the media and that our stories are told – disabled young people need to see people like themselves on our screens. I’m very grateful to the team at Coronation Street for the supportive working environment and the platform they have given to me.  I’ve been so glad to have the opportunity to help set up TripleC / DANC (Disabled Artists Networking Community) as it’s really important to make us visible and change society’s attitudes towards us.

I’m so proud of the way that we have come together as a community to tackle and support change. I really hope to use this honour to help open more doors and conversations around disability and inclusion for everyone.”