I haven’t had chance to get experience due to barriers with gender queerness and disability/chronic illness.

I am Artie, a nonbinary (they/them pronouns only), queer, multiply-disabled person. I often call myself multiply marginalised and multiply disabled! I have currently undiagnosed Neurodivergence (likely ADHD/Autism), Diagnosed Crohn’s disease, Hyper mobility syndrome, and a rare vasculitis called Takayasu’s arteritis (causes inflammation in my arteries). I’m basically really bendy, in a lot of pain all the time! My TAK has resulted in my brachial artery in my right arm to be narrowed and limit blood flow to my muscles, so I have limitations on right arm ability. I have one ring splint currently for my hyper mobile fingers (see profile picture, I make a great model) but can’t afford more for the rest of my fingers! One day I will get there, I wear glasses but do have contacts I can bring or come wearing. I’m mid-size at roughly size 16/mens Large, so I’m squishy but cute, I can also be pretty scary if need be. That’s how I deter unwanted public interaction. I am on multiple immune-suppressing meds so I wear a mask everywhere, and I would really appreciate others doing the same, especially if I am not wearing one, and lots of hand sanitising. I am fully COVID vaccinated. Oh and I’m dyslexic, so if I make a spelling error, please bare with me! I am an editor for an online magazine and did get a BA in Creative writing so I can spell and use grammar properly, I swear.

After 12 years of studying performing arts through my childhood, I took a break and pursued a Creative Writing BA. I want to go and complete a Masters in Cork, but have many barriers due to my chronic conditions and medications, the limits put on me by the government due to free medication that saves my life. For now, I shall continue dreaming of Cork from my bed.

My experience with being a Support Artist/Extra for two queer music videos and a queer short film:

I have also done some modelling, which I would be happy to continue to pursue.

I share my chronic illness journey online for educational and community building purposes. I use a lot of dark humour in regards to myself and my experiences. I have always loved comedy and have a natural spark for witty banter, word play, puns, deadpan, and sarcasm. I also have a very expressive face, great for stage/comedy but also can adjust for film. I love being able to experiment with physical comedy as well.

Though I have a natural draw to comedy, I also would love to partake in Dramas, I really love Cop/Detective Dramas and Mysteries. I love medical dramas, which I feel like should be illegal as I am in hospital… a lot. So if I could ever be the doctor or patient, I feel like my goals are reached! Full circle. Sex Education style programmes would be a close second.

I absolutely love reading and spend most of my time reading and reviewing diverse and Own Voices books. If you need a suggestion of a book to adapt, I have many for you.

I have got friends all over the country who could help be with accommodation in some areas! As long as I can stick my injections in a fridge, I’m yours. I do have a full driving license.

I am always looking to make connections with disability inclusive/trans inclusive productions, agents, performers, etc. Feel free to contact me via here, my blog, or instagram!


  • Acting
  • Comedy
  • Improvisation
  • modeling
  • Writing
  • ADHD, Arm disability, Autism, Chronic pain, Dyslexia, Hidden Disability, Invisible Disability, Mental health, Neurodivergent, Physical
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